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Board and Train

Board and Train

Our Board and Train programs focus on making your desired Montana lifestyle a reality. We tailor training programs to suit the way that you want to live with your dog.

We offer a 5 day and 12 day training program as well as a 5 day off-leash control program. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to hold a board and train reservation.

5 Day Board and Train – Puppies over 9 weeks old and adults

A Monday – Friday board and train program that will work to develop polished leash walking skills, social skills and polite manners. Or we can work on a specific issue that needs to be addressed.

Upon pick-up, we will spend time showing you everything your dog learned with us including a hands on lesson and take home material and tools. A great way to jump-start your training! Please fill out a training application to get started.

Puppy Board and Train is focused on potty training, basic commands, handling and safe socializing.

Board and Train Rate: $500/5 days

Training Application


12 Day Board and Train – Comprehensive Remote Collar Training (6 months and older)


Looking for a more intensive training program? We offer 10 days of training (with 2 weekend days for playing and rest) to develop the following skills:

  • Walk next to you politely on leash with distractions
  • Sit and sit at side when stopped
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Off-leash Control around distractions
  • Countersurfing
  • Leave it
  • General calm house manners
  • Impulse control
  • Keep off people and/or furniture
  • Wait at doorways
  • Stay on bed (Place command)
  • Polite greetings
  • Calm and polite behavior in public
  • Proper socializing with other dogs and puppies

We use motivational training techniques, gentle E-Collar training paired with food and tug, to build a solid foundation of on and off-leash control. We do not create robots! Instead, we focus on evaluating each dog’s potential for full inclusion into your lifestyle. ‘Good dogs go places!’

During your dog’s stay, they will also be integrated into day care play or one of our social programs. Upon pick-up, we will spend time showing you everything your dog learned with us including a hands on lesson, and take home material and tools. This program is not for dogs with a history of human or dog aggression. Please fill out a training application to get started.

Board and Train Full E-Collar + Off-Leash Control rate: $1500/12 days (10 training days)
Price includes E-collar Technologies Remote Training Collar

Training Application

We GUARANTEE our training and provide life time support to graduates of this program. This includes free private lessons for the life of your dog, at our facility.

Call  406-577-6074 or email to schedule a complimentary board and train evaluation.

Health Requirements: We do not accept intact male dogs over 10 months old. Our programs require dogs over 6 months of age to have the following: proof of a current Rabies vaccine, Bordatella and Distemper/Parvo vaccine. We will accept a titer test OR veterinarian letter of exemption. Due to the fact that we have dogs coming in from out of state, we require your dog be on a flea/tick preventative. Puppies must be a minimum of 9 weeks old to enter our facility and must have at least one vaccine at least 7 days prior to arrival. Please read our statement about Kennel Cough.


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