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Group Classes – Puppy and Adult


Puppy Camp 1 Square

Puppy Camp 1

Dee-O-Gee Puppy Classes (ages 9-16 weeks) $190 – Hosted by Dee-O-Gee on 19th Ave. 
In partnership with Dee-O-Gee, Know Thy Dog will be teaching 2 weekly puppy classes in their amazing new Day Camp space. Dee-O-Gee will share their knowledge about canine nutrition and provide new owners with samples and other cool stuff from their boutique shop.

Puppy Camp is taught by KNOW THY DOG Head Trainer, Max Eaton, along with trainer, Joe Williams. This class is for new owners who want to learn the secrets of raising an engaged, polite and proactive thinking puppy!  Our focus will be on implementing a long-term socialization and training plan to create a well-rounded dog as your puppy grows and to shape their behavior and habits to fit with your specific lifestyle. We will spend time teaching your puppy polite manners such as sit, down, stay, walking on a loose leash, wait, come here and relaxed greetings. Petite puppies may enroll in this class up to 25 weeks old. This class runs for 5 sessions. 1 hour per session.

Next session begins: Tuesday, October 24th 2017. Price $190 for 5-week series.
Register online at:  or call Dee-O-Gee at 406-551-2364.  Location is 2051 Oak St. #4  in Bozeman.

Please confirm required vaccinations with Dee-O-Gee.


Puppy Camp 2 Square

Puppy Camp 2 

This is a 4-week class offered to graduates of Puppy Camp 1. This class focuses on real-life training; building trust, engagement and autonomy.  Curriculum for this class includes:

– Adolescent socializing
– Building motivation
– Introduction to off-leash control
– Polite and focused leash walking around distractions/in public
– Place command for real life
– Introduction to advanced training tools
– Solidifying training commands with increased DDD (distance, duration, distractions).

Registration for this class is done through Dee-O-Gee but class is hosted at the Know Thy Dog Training Facility at 33 Barnett Lane, Bozeman. This class runs on Thursday nights at 6pm for 1 hour. Next class begins: Thursday, October 26th, 2017. $150 for 4-week series. Class capacity is 6 dogs. Contact Dee-O-Gee to register: 406-551-2364 or register online here.


Adult Dog Group Classes

We are now offering adult group behavior/training classes with Head Trainer, Max Eaton. This class is limited to 6 dogs and runs on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm (1 hour) for a 4-week series. This class will focus on improving your relationship with your adult dog through building engagement, teaching and enforcing boundaries and basic training. This class will include:

  • -Building motivation with tug games, food, leash
  • -Adult dog socializing – safe co-existing with other dogs
  • -Introduction to off-leash control
  • -Polite and focused leash walking around distractions/in public
  • -Place command for real life
  • -Introduction to advanced training tools
  • -Teaching and solidifying training commands with increased DDD (distance, duration, distractions).

Registration for this class is through Know Thy Dog: 406-577-6074. Class is held at our training facility. Next course begins: October 11, 2017. $150 for 4-week series. Dogs with aggression or leash reactivity must be approved by a KTD trainer prior to acceptance.


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