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Kelly Engel

kellyKelly Engel | Owner

Kelly Engel is the founder of Know Thy Dog, est. 6/2013 in Bozeman, MT.

Kelly has been training and handling dogs for 31 years. Beginning at age 7, she was mentored by a French Sport Dog trainer who coached her to compete in several AKC rings. In 1999, Kelly had the opportunity to attend one of the last Chicken Training Camps hosted by BF Skinner’s graduate students, Bob Bailey and Marion Breland-Bailey. As a professional, Kelly has worked for Animal Control and as a full time trainer.oprah

In 2005, Kelly had an impactful experience that changed her life forever. After Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans in total devastation, Kelly flew to Louisiana to volunteer. Within days, she found herself managing a large, grassroots animal rescue shelter in the middle of the ravaged city. It was during this time that Kelly gained some of her most valuable knowledge of dog behavior while assisting over a thousand dogs that had survived the traumatic event. Despite being mauled by a Rottweiler and bearing first-hand witness to some of the most heartbreaking scenes imaginable, Kelly returned home with a new perspective on dogs and life.

In November 2005, Kelly was honored on the Oprah show for her animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Kelly was also featured on 60 Minutes in May 2007 and her expertise has been recognized by the Seattle Times, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman Magazine and Explore Big Sky. In addition, Kelly handles dogs for commercial photo shoots and television. Her clients include West Paw, Massive Studios and Sony pictures.

Kelly is a board member for Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston, MT and works closely with staff and volunteers to evaluate and train shelter dogs. Kelly has several personal dogs of various breeds and backgrounds. Her dogs all serve an integral role in evaluating and rehabilitating her client’s troubled dogs. As a behaviorist and life coach, Kelly believes that “the dog is the reflection of the owner, always; even if you adopted that dog yesterday, you chose it for a reason.”                                                    Contact:


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