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Private Lessons

Private Lessons and Evaluations

We offer private lessons and evaluations at our East Bozeman training facility and at your home. This is the perfect opportunity for focused one on one attention and coaching for you and your dog. We’ll give you the most creative and cutting edge tools to deal with the following problems:

0120_knowthydog_1_140827-Edit_lr+ Pulling on leash

+ Jumping on guests arriving at your home

+ Counter surfing

+ Barking at dogs on leash

+ Resource guarding

+ Impulse control

+ Come here

We can also use private instruction to teach you and your dog basic commands. This is the best option for adult dogs who are not social and will not be successful in a class environment. Private lessons are also a great way to get started with your new puppy!

Private Lesson Rates:
60 minute private lesson at our facility/$75
60 minute private lesson at your home/$100
Evaluations and Private Training with Kelly Engel are available specifically to evaluate aggression, anxiety or other dangerous behavior:
$100/hr at the KTD facility and $150/hr off-site within 30 minutes of East Bozeman. 

Training Application

*In-home private lessons beyond 30 minutes from our facility will require an extra trip charge of $25.

Health Requirements: We do not accept intact male dogs over 10 months old. Our programs require dogs over 6 months of age to have the following: proof of a current Rabies vaccine, Bordatella and Distemper/Parvo vaccine. We will accept a titer test OR veterinarian letter of exemption. Due to the fact that we have dogs coming in from out of state, we strongly recommend a flea/tick preventative – (natural products are accepted and can be purchased at Dee-O-Gee). Puppies must be a minimum of 9 weeks old to enter our facility and must have at least one vaccine at least 7 days prior to arrival. Please read our statement about Kennel Cough.


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