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0038_knowthydog_1_140827-Edit-Edit_lrKelly met Lavr, our Caucasian Shepherd pup immediately after we contacted her, recognized his great qualities, and gave us the confidence and knowledge to have a wonderful, well socialized dog. This breed is very large, powerful, and independent, and also has a really bad rap on the internet. But this did not scare off Kelly. She was already knowledgeable and not at all fearful of the breed. Everything she has helped us with has worked. Lavr is still a pup but it has been a great experience watching him continue to love all people and respect other dogs while we continue to learn and do our part to be good leaders. It seems like we must have had dumb luck – with the breeder, the individual dog, and with Kelly who has pulled the whole thing together for us. Thank you for your knowledge and your great heart.– Roger K.


0080_knowthydog_1_140827-Edit_lrKnow Thy Dog is a fantastic training facility. We have two dogs who in the past have not gotten along and have had issues with anxiety and reactivity. Before we met Kelly we were told there was no other option than to adopt out one of our dogs. Instead of taking the “easy way out,” Kelly has worked with us and each dog. She has helped us learn how to accommodate for each dog’s specific needs and how to keep them healthy and happy living separate from each other. We are so thankful for Kelly and continue to go to her for training while counting down to the boarding facility opening! I trust Kelly implicitly with my dogs, and I tend to be very picky with who works with/boards my babies.– Jeremy and Elizabeth S.


0120_knowthydog_1_140827-Edit_lrKelly Engel, WOW! She is equipped to handle any dog-problem scenario through experience, and I do mean any. Get her talking and you will not believe the depth of dog handling experience this young woman has, and it shows. She is comfortable, at ease, and realistic about expectations for her clients, both 2 and 4 legged.If it were not for Kelly we might have given up one of two adorable pups. In a moment of weakness I took home two instead of one. Despite endless warnings against keeping litter-mates, Kelly showed me that it was possible. Her philosophy in getting pups socialized as early as possible through her puppy classes was a life saver. Each problem we have had since then is dealt with simply through her wealth of knowledge. She doesn’t tell you it’s going to work she just gives you all of your options. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman and her handling capabilities.We are very lucky to have her in Bozeman. Not only is she an amazing trainer but also an amazing human being. She forms deep bonds with humans and dogs alike; her business is based off of this. I am so thankful to have Kelly just up the road from me, but I would drive an hour for her services, and have done so in the past. She’s awesome!- Jami W.


0137_knowthydog_1_140827-Edit_lrMy cattledog Mozart is almost one year old. He and I have been working with Kelly since he was a puppy at ten weeks. With Mozart, my goal was to train him to become a well behaved and socialized guy. I’ve had several dogs in my life but with Mozart I wanted to learn from an expert about the the motivation behind his behavior and then tailor his training accordingly. I wanted to learn how best to train him based on his breed and personality. From the beginning, working with Kelly was amazing. She guided me through several private training sessions over the past year. We worked on everything from potty training to leash training to general socialization and beyond. I feel Kelly’s strength as a dog trainer goes well beyond her vast experience with dogs themselves and extends to how people interact with them. She communicates clearly and gives you very practical, yet personal exercises to work on between sessions. Each time I was able to see tangible changes in Mozart’s behavior. I’ve recommended Kelly to my closest friends and family. She is my Go To resource for all things dog related.– Peter K.


0411_knowthydog_1_140828-Edit_lrMy pup, Sweet Pea, is easily distracted by birds, rabbits, water, friendly people and other dogs, she chases and loves to play will all of the above. Pulling vigorously on her leash, especially when other dogs were present was another problem I simply could not solve on my own until we spent a few training sessions with Kelly.
Truth be told, Sweet Pea was obeying Kelly within 5 minutes…it took Kelly a few sessions to “train” me. It is so enjoyable to walk Sweet Pea downtown, hike with her and an added bonus she now fishes with me patiently sitting or lying behind me until given permission to play in the water.
Kelly, I am so happy you opened your boarding service. Knowing my pup has a safe, fun place to stay while I visit family this holiday season means everything to me.– Sherry H.


0546_knowthydog_1_140828-Edit_lrWe got our sweet golden retriever “Daphne” as a puppy. When our circumstances changed, and I knew I would not be able to train her myself, I called Kelly. I have 2 small children, and wanted to make sure that they would feel comfortable around her, and that they could confidently walk her themselves. Although I had never worked with Kelly before, at our first appointment I knew that she was the right person for the job.
Daphne spent 3 weeks with Kelly and is a sweet, calm, well trained dog that is a joy to have around. We got a second puppy 4 months later, and immediately called Kelly to train Stella as well. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kelly and Know Thy Dog!!– Shar C.


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