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Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

Know Thy Dog’s mission is to help people and dogs live safely and graciously together. We take a modern holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification wherein we evaluate the dog, the owner and their lifestyle as equal parts in creating a training and or behavior modification plan.

Rather than being referred to as trainers, we would consider ourselves Canine Lifestyle Coaches. We are not concerned with obedience but instead about the way that our clients want to share their lives with their dogs. Relationship and engagement is the foundation with freedom and safety being the priority.

As dog parents, we manage our resources and ask our dogs to engage with us to access resources. We make the rules and we stick to them as to not confuse the dog. We advocate for our dogs so they know they are safe with us. We remember our dogs are not humans and we do not unfairly give them human emotions or expectations.

We are candid with our clients which often means addressing the owner’s behavior as a factor in the the dog’s behavior. We are compassionate and understand that sometimes ‘it is what it is’ and we can only do our best in trying to create a good quality of life for both dog and owner.

Freedom and safety are the foundation we want to build into your dog’s life. We want your dog to have the freedom to join you as often as possible and the training in place to make safe decisions. Ultimately, we want our clients to be able to enjoy the amazing Montana lifestyle!

Our facility utilizes a full spectrum of tools to help dogs. These tools include clickers, food, slip leashes, remote training collars, prong collars, long lines and haltis/head collars. We use tools to more efficiently communicate and build a stronger owner/dog relationship and each tool is thoughtfully chosen considering dog and owner needs and capabilities. We are not a one-size fits all program and we do NOT  use any of the following terms: alpha, dominance, submission or pack leader. We regard and respect dogs as our best friends and an integral part of families.

Owner, Kelly Engel, is one of the few Canine Behaviorists in the country using her pack of dogs to help other dogs overcome canine aggression. Dogs are thoroughly evaluated prior to being accepted into her program. Please contact us to inquire about Kelly’s socializing programs.


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